Monday Series: What is time?

Monday Series: What is time?

Apparently we're two weeks away from Art on the Avenue. Well, two weeks minus two days. Um, WHAT? 

I'm curious to see how this affects business. Will I get Instagram followers? Will I break even on sales? Will I have more sales during the holiday season? I guess we'll see. This first show is a learning experience. I have no idea what I'm doing.

I'm a little worried about the tent. I ordered one online and it gave me very little indication of when it would be shipped so.... I'm biting my nails a bit. I also haven't really thought much about how I'm going to lay out the booth so I haven't nailed down the extra furniture I might need. Aside from that, I have pretty much everything covered. I have things to sell, a spreadsheet to track those things, a way to get paid, a big sign for the top of the tent, and some marketing material. Anything else is bonus.

This week, I'd like to get as close to "done" as possible to avoid any last minute panicking. I think it's very doable. For once, I'm actually feeling pretty good about my time management.

I'll report back next week. 

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