Monday Series: Vaxxed

Monday Series: Vaxxed

On April 26, I vowed to update you on my vaccine and my 2-6pm focus time progress today hahahahaha... What an innocent summer child.

A month later, here's where I am (this review was helpful...)

  • The 2-6pm focus blocks don't always happen. It's fine. I think I could benefit from doing them more often but it's working for now.
  • I continue to oscillate between "I need a week off!!" and "I need to get all of the things doooone!" This has a seismic effect on my schedule day-to-day but when I zoom out and evaluate it over the course of a month, it appears to have equalized into (1) a general reduction of in-flight tasks/pressure; (2) slow, continued progress toward a smaller list of things. Honestly, I think that's good. It doesn't feel good in the moment but zooming out and looking at it like this makes me realize that it actually is good.
  • Side effects for both shots were really quite manageable. I am very happy that the whole process is over and in a week (plus one day), I'll be fully charged and ready to go.

Tarot Project Update

I have actually, unbelievably, been working on this every day! I'm still in the research phase but I hope to wrap that up today and begin working through some initial sketching/brainstorming for the overarching visual motifs. I'm excited about this project. It's managed to make it through a few weeks of daily progress without losing its honeymoon appeal—which is wild. So I'm enjoying this magic unicorn experience it while it lasts.

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