Monday Series: Ugh

Monday Series: Ugh

Feeling "ugh" today. I'm kind of tired. I'm also sort of stressed about ongoing car trouble and too many simultaneous projects. I took the weekend off. I wasn't planning to do so (I wanted to get some more client work done) but I'm trying to remind myself to take deliberate breaks during break periods in an effort to recover enough for non-break times. We're in this eye-of-the-storm moment between travel/social-obligations/weddings/art-shows/etc. so I'm trying to avoid filling it with unnecessary stuff. It's... halfway-working.

I'm just not into it this week. I don't feel like chasing these car people anymore. I don't feel like taking on any additional work. I don't even really feel like doing the work I already have to do. Pica woke us up at 5:30 this morning by licking a cardboard box super loudly in the bedroom—which then roused the other two pets and everyone was being a giant pain in the ass before the sun even came up. So I ended up sleeping in until 8 and now I feel both tired and behind. Josh just got up at 5:30 and cut his losses—that was probably the smarter move.

Anyway, enough complaining. 

I'm beginning to make some decent progress on inventory collection and preparation for Art on the Avenue in October. I have some print-paper and packaging materials arriving in the mail today and hope to get a large portion of the prints prepped this week to save time for other things later on. I'm trying to be fiscally conservative with prepping this show, but... shows are expensive and I find myself cringing every time I have to purchase something. It's ok. You have to spend money to make money they say... 

Pixel is passed out on the floor right now, twitching while dreaming. I'm jealous...

Man, I really hope this car bullshit is over by next week's check-in...

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