Monday Series: Shots, Shots, Shots, Shots, Shots

Monday Series: Shots, Shots, Shots, Shots, Shots

Got my first shot a few hours ago. Kind of a weird feeling. It's been a thing of the future for such a long time and now that it's finally happened, it feels a little anticlimactic. Thank you, scientists. Excuse me while I go drink 70 gallons of water and move my arms all around like the Numa Numa guy.

Last week was better. I decided to try a new schedule where I devote 2-6pm to my paid design contract/commission work and allow myself to use the rest of the day for whichever projects I want. This succeeded in creating a more-rigid-but-less-perfectionistic routine. It worked. I was productive and I felt pretty good about it by the end of the week. So I plan to try that again this week as well, starting tomorrow. Today I'm letting myself have an open-schedule day. I had a busy weekend so I'm tired and the shot appointment this morning pushed back the start of the day. Josh took off today and has decided to spend some time with the dog at his camping property so I've given myself permission to turn today into a "do whatever feels best right now" kind of day. So far I've consumed a lot of coffee, gotten a shot in my arm, eaten a meal, taken a shower, and am now sitting in the backyard writing this post while waiting for some laundry to dry. 

My arm doesn't hurt yet. Not sure when that's supposed to start... it's getting a little stiff but that's all. Perhaps I'll go for a walk soon. The world is my oyster. I could use some time off. After I finish the design job I'm currently working through, I think I'll try to get in a mini-vacation. We'll see. 

Nothing profound to say this week. I'm cautiously optimistic about my new work schedule based on last week's performance, but 4 days does not a habit make. So I'm taking it a day at a time. I got Pfizer today, so I'll reassess this scheduling strategy when I get my second shot in 3 weeks. That'll be a good checkpoint. I'm getting the shot on a Tuesday so I'll update you on the shot and the schedule the following Monday. 

The sun is making me sleepy out here. I'm like a lizard. 

Ok I feel like I need some kind of plan for this week otherwise I'll keep writing random nonsense and sit out here until I burn or fall asleep. I'd like to:

  1. Finish my laundry today so that it doesn't linger for the rest of the week.
  2. Finish the design project I've been working through with one of my contracting clients.
  3. Work on my pattern collection a bit.
  4. Choose a new stand-alone illustration to begin.
  5. Practice guitar if I feel like it.
  6. Maintain my 2-6pm contracting blocks from Tuesday through Friday.
  7. Spend less time in the morning combing through email. I'm an inbox-zero person—which I will not stop doing—but I could spend less time on it. Ideally, my morning hours would be spent doing pattern work.

Ok, enough chit chat for today. Time for that walk.

'Til next week, friends!

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