Monday Series: Getting There

Monday Series: Getting There

Quick post again today. Lots of things in flight.

In retrospect, I'm very happy that I made the decision to restart the rendering of the commission I mentioned last week. I finished the piece over the weekend and am really pleased with the final result. It was worth the drama of beginning again.

I started another one immediately after. I'd say I'm about halfway through that but we all know how good I am at time estimation. I'm going to guess that I have another 2 hours of work on that piece. It's much less complex than the previous one.

After that, it's just the remainder of Justin's 13 character drawings (I've done two). 

I'm trying a new prioritization method moving forward.

Design contract work:

  • I will structure my to do list based on tasks, not hours.
  • I will work no more than 20 hours. If I can do the tasks faster, I will not look for additional tasks.
  • At my hourly rate, this structure provides steady income without taking up too much time.

Everything else will be kanban style:

  1. Commissions (finish current backlog, pause everyone else for now.)
  2. Shop Updates
  3. Portfolio Updates
  4. Pattern Design Work
  5. Pattern Design Portfolio
  6. Licensing Submissions
  7. [October Art on the Avenue Show Prep] - this has a specific deadline so it will push whatever other tasks it needs to in order to get done on time.

Yes... this means pattern design work is going to be pushed back a lot. I'm working on accepting that. This list of only 7 things will probably take me almost the rest of the year, if not more, to complete. I'm working on accepting that too. And the only thing I'm going to put a deadline on is the thing that actually has an event date. Everything else has to stay open. I have to be nicer to myself. It's gotten out of control.

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