Monday Series: Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes

Monday Series: Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes

Schedule Update

So the schedule experiment failed beginning on day 3. Lol. That's fine. If this self-employment process has taught me anything, it's that failing as soon as possible is really the best strategy.

Here's a fact: My body hates mornings. My brain sort of works after a 20 minute warm-up period, but my body does not fully wake up until about 10 or 11am—regardless of when I become conscious.

Here's another fact: My body is best suited for exercise between the hours of 11am and 1pm if I've had a small, easily digestible breakfast 2ish hours beforehand.

There are 427 reasons why exercising in the morning is ideal; but the above facts, limited in number though they may be, are too strong to avoid. I can wake up early and make my brain do stuff but I can't wake up early and make my body do stuff. Or, rather, I can—but the extra effort seems pointless.

So the question, then, is how to make midday exercise less of a work-disruption. I'm going to try exercise classes. Now that I'm fully vaxxed, this is once-again a possibility. I did one on Wednesday of last week and enjoyed (a) being told what to do (b) the time limit (c) getting out of my house (d) being around [a limited number of] other people and (e) the fact that this particular flavor of class blends cardio and strength training into one hour. This all amounts to greater efficiency, less time spent exercising, and less decision-making on my part. I'm going to take another one today. 

Tarot Update

Still chugging along. Some days, the only thing I do is the daily card pull + analysis. Some days, I do more. Last week, I built out a skeleton of the layout/card frame and built out the text labeling system for every card. I chose to do those things before drawing The Fool. It makes more sense to have the layout in place first.

Next on the list:

  1. Continue daily card pull + analysis (eventually I'll run out of cards and this will be finished but there are 78 cards in a tarot deck so this will take a while. I think I've done about 25 of them to date.)
  2. Finish the frame drawings (I'm going to make slight alterations to the frames for each suit.)—Hopefully this week, we'll see.
  3. Begin The Fool.
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