Monday Series: At 12:30am!

Monday Series: At 12:30am!

So, we haven't fixed the bedtime issue.

Yes, I am writing this on Monday morning before I've even gone to bed on "Sunday." Clearly, we're still in nocturnal territory. I'm a bit nervous about being able to finish all of the art I need to get out the door for clients + Inktober this week. So I guess I'm trying to get as much "admin" stuff out of the way now in preparation. We'll see how this goes. Realistically, it's just going to push back my wake-up time tomorrow (today?) and the cycle will continue. Oh well, I don't think I have time to be worried about that right now. I'm just going to hop onboard the productivity/motivation train as soon as it arrives at the station this week, whatever time that happens to be.

Inktober + Drawlloween

I've been doing some variation of Inktober for several years now. As stated in last week's post, I kind of feel like I HAVE to participate this year because the stars have aligned for me. However, it is super nerve-wracking trying to create a "finished" drawing every day for a whole month. I know that it's good for me but it's hard and I hate having to post something that I'm not proud of. Like Day 4 (today/yesterday), for instance. I kind of hate it; but I finished it. I guess that's what is most important right now; learning how to commit to ideas and get something out of my head/onto paper in one sitting. It's forcing me to be a little less precious about my drawings. Days 1-3 were pretty good. Today/Yesterday, I waited a little too long to start working on it and then proceeded to make a few questionable decisions regarding my value strategy (or lack thereof), which pens to use for which lines, and how to apply the colored pencil (I'm using one color for some depth). This is all part of the process I guess; but it annoys me to look at it.

I'll get over it.

I saw this video today of Chris Riddell starting and finishing a sketch of a woman's head and shoulders in five minutes and eight seconds. He does the entire outline and some of the shading with one brush pen and then goes in during the last 30 seconds or so and adds depth with a blue pencil (hmm, wonder where I got that idea?) and does. not. make. a. single. mistake. It's, frankly, fucking masterful. The way he's able to throw lines down in brush pen without a pencil underdrawing and have it all make perfect sense is borderline infuriating. Practice and experience, man. Practice and experience.

So yeah, I'm going to continue to force myself to throw down some shitty lines and complete something day after day after day... because the only way for those lines to get less shitty is by working through my shitty line deductible I guess.

HA! And see, this is why I usually write these posts in the morning. They're often a lot more positive. Forgive me friends, I'm tired.

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