Monday Series: A Story About Progress

Monday Series: A Story About Progress

Nothing earth shattering to report today so I'll keep it quick. I've made some gentle progress in lots of areas. I'm still dealing with many of the same roadblocks in others. Life goes on. 


The phone-away-from-bed situation continues to work in the morning. The tv-before-bed situation works sometimes at night. I'm still having trouble falling asleep and in the last few days, I have a new problem where I have a hard time staying asleep. This is an annoying development but I still managed to wake up between 8 and 9 most days last week. I consider that progress. I'll continue to track.


I was a lot better about this last week. Perfect? No. But SO MUCH BETTER. Given the fact that it's almost 3pm and I haven't done much today, this week hasn't gotten off to a great start but the day isn't over so I haven't lost yet.

Finishing Things

I did almost everything on that priority list from last week! And hopefully I can finish the last thing today. If so, that'll be 3 commissions down.


I have gotten so many over the last few months. Thank you all! This has been so much more than I ever expected. I actually have to hold off on accepting new ones now. I have a few leads to follow for folks I already spoke to but I'm going to have to preserve some time to:

  1. Do all of them
  2. Create some portfolio pieces for other kinds of work

What an amazing problem to have! Never ever thought I'd be this busy. THANK. YOU. AGAIN.


In light of all the busy-ness mentioned above, the thought of agreeing to create an ink drawing every day is incredibly intimidating to me but I'm still going to try. I mean, come on. How can I NOT participate in Inktober the year I've finally managed to illustrate full time? Silly. Absolutely silly. 

So.. I have a lot of work to do in the next couple of days to clean my plate in advance of October 1.

I'm basically a giant ball of nervous energy these days. The next lesson I'm going to have to learn is how to take on less so that I don't have to feel this way all the time. BIG SIGH. My biggest complaint about my full time job was that they asked us to do too many concurrent things in too short a time frame. I'm doing the exact same thing to myself now that I'm self-employed. What the actual f---?


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