Monday Series: A Refresh

Monday Series: A Refresh

The move is dooooooone. I can't even believe I'm saying these words. This is one of those tasks that was so aggressive for so long that it felt like it was never going to end. But it has. And I am thankful. I only have a few more things to unpack and then I can stop thinking about it altogether. Yes, I am the kind of weirdo who unpacks everything within 48 hours. It makes me feel better. And I do. I feel better.

I'll keep it short today because there is a lot I'd like to do. We've been living off takeout and spending all our time buried in boxes for the last few weeks. I want to reestablish some "normal" working hours, go grocery shopping, cook something, and exercise again (intentional exercise; not a thousand back and forth flights of stairs + squatting heavy boxes).

I'd also like to use this new work space to cultivate some healthier habits around work. I'm fortunate enough to have a full room dedicated to my studio in this new home. It would be nice to use it to form more concrete boundaries between work and life. When I'm in here, I'd like to be in a work-mindset. When I'm not in here, I don't want to think about work. I suspect this will be healthier long term. And, I hope, more productive. Time will tell, I guess. I spent so much of the last month kind of flipping back and forth between work, packing, and life that my sense of "routine" feels almost non-existent. So I suspect that I'm going to have to re-train myself to operate this way. I used to hate the idea of forcing myself into a routine. Lately I've learned that people establish routines for a reason—they're helpful. When there is no obligation to do anything at any specific time, nothing gets done. For me at least.

I don't know. I'm hopeful. I have a lot to do and the major blocker is out of the way now—so this is a positive thing. Hopefully I'm able to put these thoughts into practice and pick up some momentum again. I feel like I've been in such a creative rut lately.

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