Monday Series: A Quick Update

Monday Series: A Quick Update

I'm getting my second covid shot tomorrow so I kind of feel like I need to cram a week's worth of work into 24 hours. This is obviously impossible so I'm trying to accept that.

Thus, a short update today.

It's been sort of refreshing to let go of some of the obsession around productivity and mental health. I feel like there is more mental space for action now. But honestly it was one of those things where I had to focus on it until it was time to stop focusing on it. Like... it took as long as it needed to take and nothing I did (beyond setting myself up for success) really sped up the process. I'm not out of the woods yet, but I'm beginning to move forward and that feels good.

This continues to be true in many aspects of life. Shit takes as long as shit takes. You can reduce the dead space in between but you can't really speed up the process of "doing"—healing, creating, brainstorming, getting motivated, completing an aikido technique, etc. It all takes time. The best thing we can do is accept that. 

Tarot Project Update

I'm fully embracing the above idea with this project. I'm beginning with a lot of deep brainstorming and extensive research. I'm just leaning really far into this phase. Every day I chip off a little bit more. It feels good to let myself really dig in. I'm not rushed; I'm not short changing anything. I'm just letting it take as long as it needs—and that's equally terrifying and cool. 

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