I haven't posted since August 30. We've gone off the rails! Reading over that last post, things are largely the same. We're very busy right now and it's all I can do to keep my head above water and ensure that everyone has everything they need from me on any given day. This includes my presence at various functions.

The good news—because I'm trying to see the bright side of things a bit more clearly:

  • All of it is good stuff. Family, friends, birthdays, weddings, art shows, etc etc. All of it is fun.
  • I got my car back this morning!! After... a stupid amount of time. One or two more trinkets left to resolve with that and then hopefully I don't have to talk to those people ever again.
  • Show prep is coming along and, while it is expensive, each of the individual things I've had to purchase have been, on average, cheaper than I thought they'd be. Score!

So we continue in this vein (Is that the right phrase? vein? vane? vain? I could look it up but I really don't feel like it.). It's a wack-a-mole week. Something pops up and I smash it with a hammer. Something else; another smash. It's not graceful but it's getting the job done.

Going to try to get back to posting on Mondays again.

See you then?

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