I'm Still Here, Sorry

I'm Still Here, Sorry

We're in the eye of the storm now. Hurricane reference intended. The August activities have ended and there is a small break before the September/October activities begin... which means I have to catch up on a bunch of work. 😬😬

SO... this means that my next few weeks will be occupied by:

  1. Lots and lots of design-client work
  2. Prep for Art on the Avenue in October 

In a way, it's nice to have a shorter list of priorities... but truthfully there are a lot of other things that have gotten intentionally de-prioritized. So.. that feels uncomfortable. Prioritization is going to be the death of me in this business. Truly. Truly truly.

I don't even have that much to report right now. Things are just super busy and time is speeding ahead like some kind of out of control cartoon train. I'd love to make more time for personal work. I'm not confident in my ability to do that right now—I sound like a broken record... but I mean, this is the reality, you know? This blog is a very honest chronicle of how this shit goes... and this is how it's going.

I also spent the entirety of yesterday dealing with my car. The whole day. I'm not even going to get into that unnecessary story because I don't want to waste any additional minutes on that bullshit. 

Anyway, I am thankful for these twoish/threeish(?) weeks of relative normalcy though. Relative. 

😬—this is the emoji of self-employment.

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