A Tuesday Post!

A Tuesday Post!

It's funny... and sad... how quickly I forget my own resolutions.

After declaring that I'm sick of myself and that I'm going to adjust my priorities and take breaks and yada yada yada, etc, I proceeded to work myself into an absolute tizzy this weekend when I realized that I was going to have to start over on a piece I'm rendering traditionally for a client.

It made me so angry and upset. As usual, I haven't given myself enough space in my schedule/my mind/my wallet for things to go wrong, which they always do. So setbacks like this feel tragic. When will I learn that they are part of the process? When will I learn this?

I guess I need to keep living it until it sinks in. I don't know.

Yesterday, I started over and changed the process to something I'm far more familiar with but was hoping to avoid (rendering it fully with colored pencil). It's going to take muuuuch longer than I estimated this way. So much longer that I'm not even going to count hours anymore because it's only going to make me feel terrible. The positive news is that I've managed to clear pretty much everything else off my plate this week in an effort to focus on this and get it done.

I'd really like to work this way more: one thing at a time. It's easier said than done and it's not always going to be possible. But I'm learning that it's necessary... for my own sanity.

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