Work With Me

Are you in the market for something strange, funny, and kind of endearing? Let me help you channel your inner weird. 

But Monique, how could I possibly be any weirder than I already am? I'm so glad you asked, my friend. 

Perhaps you're in the market for:

  • A Stand-Alone Illustration
  • A Book (picture books, concept books, self-help books, you name it!)
  • A Comic or Storyboard
  • Some Illustrated Educational Materials
  • An Infographic
  • A Sinister-Yet-Stylish Brand
  • An Event Invitation + Its Associated Collateral
  • Shop Window Dressing
  • Something Completely Unique

I have a lifetime of illustration experience (professional as well as highchair crayons), 10+ years of professional branding/product/digital/print design experience, and a history of theater design.

TL;DR: I have a wide range of skills we can tap into. Let's make something cool.